Undergraduate Research at UNT

The University of North Texas recognizes the value of undergraduate research—for students, faculty members, and even the institution itself. Undergraduate research is a broad term, encompassing many different kinds of activities, depending on the student’s major. Certainly it would include a team of scientists working in a laboratory, but it would also include scholarly work by students in the humanities, social sciences, art, and music. While engineering students may undertake a design project, art students may analyze the paint and techniques used in a 200-year old painting. Whatever your major, you will find opportunities to engage in scholarly work specific to your discipline. Whatever your major, you can become an undergraduate researcher. Moreover, you can begin your research work as early as your freshman year at UNT.

A nanomanipulator
Students using equipment in the materials science lab
A student looking thorugh a piece of equipment in the materials science lab
Brandon Ohl working in the materials sience lab
Students using a Split-Hopkinson pressure bar
Students working on equations together using a whiteboard
A student conducting black carbon research